Why Spicing Up Your Home Can Help You Sell It More

How much work to do before selling house? Home
improvement projects provide a safe environment for the residents and boost indoor
and outdoor space effectiveness, making your house more appealing to
prospective buyers.

In addition to comfort and pleasure, home
improvement projects can increase your house value, allowing you to sell it for
a higher profit. In today’s article, we will answer: how much work to do before
selling house? Here are a few practical tips!

Declutter Your House

Many real estate agents encourage home
sellers to declutter their houses because it is an easy way to improve your
home comfort and spruce up your property. The simplest and least expensive way
to increase your home value is by decluttering your indoor space.

That way, you enable the buyer to envision
their things in your house. On the other hand, when you fail to declutter your
home, it is challenging for homebuyers to imagine themselves in the indoor

Experts recommend clearing off coffee tables,
bookshelves, kitchen counters, dishes, and beds for pets. Think of your house
as a black canvas for prospective buyers. You must also get rid of old and worn
furniture items.

Upgrade Kitchen Cabinets

If your kitchen has worn-out appliances, but
you don’t want to redo the entire kitchen, consider refacing your cabinets and
replacing outdated appliances with new ones. Remember, this is a plug-and-play
upgrade, allowing you to increase your home value.

Replace hardware items on your kitchen
cabinets and apply a fresh coat of primer or paint to make them appear fresh,
attractive, and new. You can also add a new countertop without replacing your
kitchen cabinets.

Upgrade Your Light Fixtures

How much work to do before selling house? Experts
say that upgrading your interior lighting allows you to reveal the best
features of your home. That way, you can entice buyers quickly and increase
your home selling chances for a higher profit.

Ensure you install brighter, cooler light
bulbs to ensure your interior space appears more modern and attractive to
prospective buyers. If you have a limited budget for up-gradation or
renovation, you can update hardware, change light switch plates, and replace
old yellow-light bulbs with brighter and cooler ones. We suggest investing in
energy-efficient LED bulbs instead of incandescent light bulbs.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint makes your home look
and feel new. Hiring house painting services with experienced painters can
help, allowing you to make your home appear more modern and appealing to
prospective buyers.

Previously, buyers would prefer dark colors
in the indoor space. However, the trend has changed in 2021 because people now prefer
light paint colors on walls and ceilings because they make the indoor space
more comfortable and modern.

Experts recommend a two-tone effect, where
the ceilings and crown molding are a few inches below and painted with white
color. The remaining walls will have a darker shade. Not only does this make
your interior space more attractive, but it also encourages buyers to make an
informed decision and buy your house by paying more.

The cost of interior painting is between
$1.50 and $3.50 per square foot. Research shows that interior painting
performed by professional house painting services can increase your home value
and generate 107% returns on investments (ROIs). Likewise, exterior painting also
increases your home value and generates an ROI of 55%.

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Your home’s curb appeal is the first thing a
prospective buyer sees and reviews. If your landscaping or curb appeal is not
up to the mark, you will lose prospective buyers and reduce the chances of
selling your home quickly and for a higher profit. So, power wash your deck,
porch, and sidewalks to entice prospective buyers.

Likewise, invest some money and plant a few
colorful flowers outside your front door. Don’t forget to apply a fresh coat of
paint to your outside door. Studies show that a home with improved curb appeal can
increase your home’s resale value by 11%, on average. Curb appeal also sells
your home faster for a higher profit.

Final Words

Selling your house require careful planning,
preparation, and enough budget to achieve your home improvement goals. A
well-maintained or spruced-up home can increase its value, leading to a quick
house sale and higher profits. How much work to do before selling house –
follow the most practical ideas given above to improve your home and sell your
residential property for a top dollar.