Storage Solution Remodeling Ideas for Untended Space in Homes

Are you utilizing every space in your home? If you wish to have more room to store stuff, or you are trying to organize the space you have, the first step is to check for unused areas in your home. Perhaps, there are untended areas which you can use to resolve your problems with storage.

Remodeling Ideas for Untended Space in HomesHere are five remodeling ideas that will surely help you manage clutter or conceal unused items, at the same time, utilizing commonly neglected space in your home. From building under stair storage with built-in wardrobe to turning your plain looking walls into an impressive wine storage wall, we’ll give you great remodeling ideas to maximize space and make your home more functional.

Under Stair Storage

Make your staircase more useful by adding drawers and wardrobe underneath. The under-stair storage has a built-in closet and drawers accessible from the space in the lower part of the room. Each storage component cleverly fits within the run of the stairway. I
If your staircase is just too ordinary, then turn it into this great solution for organizing shoes strewn across the hallway. These storage components are just the ticket while the staircase is an attractive addition to the design of your home.

Cabinetry Under the Bed

The space under the bed is what’s usually not utilized in almost every home. But before you add more cabinets under your bed, consider what those items you need to store before making any decision on the cabinetry layout. Is it going to be narrow or wider drawers? How wide should the drawers be to be able to store sweaters, comforters, etc. or how small should the drawers be if you intend to use it for your undergarments, ties, etc. Your answer here then would determine the quantity and the size of your cabinetry and the better you can do a layout.

Rear Entry With Built-In Storage

Another often neglected space is the rear entry, and it’s just perfect for storing boxes thereby retrieving items much easier. It can be summer gear together or holiday boxes together, etc. Clearly mark each box. If the rear entry is spacious enough to have a spacious storage, consider creating a list that shows what is in each box.

Workstation at the hall located off the kitchen

If you’re out of space for a workstation, a better spot is the hallway situated off the kitchen. In this corridor, a small workspace is placed beside a hallway cabinet around the corner from the kitchen, providing a useful workspace and storage above. Cost: The cost of putting a hallway workstation is like that for custom bookshelves, i.e., ranging between $1,200 to $4,000 and above, depending on local rates, materials, and how big your hall is.

Walls as Wine Storage

Instead of just hanging dull paintings, turn your kitchen, basement, or living room wall into wine storage. And if the room is quite narrow, then try storing the wine bottles sideways.
Likewise, maximize space by using the wall in its entirety. Hence, enabling you to store as many bottles as possible, and create a fantastic décor in the process.