Tips for Cleaning and Proper Caring Of Bamboo Floors

After the process of installing bamboo floors, it is arguably necessary to ensure that the floors are well cared for and maintained. Many people often look for aesthetics, durability and strength when choosing the best flooring tiles for your home. Bamboo flooring, in this case, meets all these standards. One of the steps to ensuring you maximize on this is by getting to understand how to clean properly and maintain these floors even before you begin the installation process.

Cleaning and Proper Caring Of Bamboo FloorsKeeping bamboo floors tidy

It is equally easy to clean the bamboo flooring option just like any other. Even so, some key points are different and should be taken into consideration.

Mats and Shoes

To minimize on issues with dust, dirt and any other items on the floor that could be deemed harmful, always restrict the use of shoes while in the house. You can remind everyone to wipe off their feet by placing mats on doorways.

High traffic areas

Even though bamboo floorings are designed for areas with high traffic whether home or business, it is recommended that you use mats and rugs at doorways to avoid earlier signs of wear and tear on the surface. Remember to clean these carpets and rugs on a regular basis to eliminate debris and dust.

Maintaining a bamboo flooring

This task appears to be more challenging and involving than it is. Just by changing a few regular routines, you would be able to master the process to become second in nature.

Moisture and dust free floor

Dirt and dust can easily scratch the bamboo flooring option. Hence, always keep the floor clean at all times by keeping it swept. Use a pad or soft cloth to wipe away the dirt and dust rather than pushing it to the sides.

You can at one point or the other use a damp mop in cleaning a bamboo floor.  This is completely acceptable. Bamboo floors cannot hold larger amounts of moisture, ensure that the rag you are using is not entirely wet.

Always be ready to wipe off any spill as soon as it occurs. Timely wiping would ensure that moisture does not seep into the bamboo flooring. Scrubbers and steel wools are abrasive tools that cannot be used for cleaning this flooring option. In the event of any oil spills, it is urgent that you wipe it off to prevent it from leaving stains on the floor. Immediately After wiping it off, ensure you dry the floor.

Bamboo floor cleaning products.

Avoid harsh commercial cleaning agents and chemical products as they can be dangerous to your bamboo flooring.

Healthy bamboo flooring tips.

To minimize the time you would average spending on cleaning these floors, here are some tips to help you in preventing damage when cleaning the floor.

  • Clean bamboo floors on a weekly basis.

It’s the easiest way to ensuring that your bamboo flooring remains healthy at all times. Many other routine maintenance tasks should be performed daily, for one reason or the other to maintain the floor at optimum.

Aside from sweeping, which is considered to the best and most effective method of cleaning, you can also mop lightly from time to time. By allowing water to seep into the bamboo flooring, you would be subjecting your floor to extensive damage.

In the event sticky spills get to it, try and wipe off as much as possible using a dry towel or cloth. Wipe off anything that is remaining with a damp cloth ensuring that you do not scrub to avoid pushing the spill into the floor. Blot this spot numerous times for the spill to disappearing then immediately wipe off using a dry cloth. The sooner you attend to any spill, the lesser the chances of causing damage.

  • Bamboo flooring maintenance

The best way of caring for bamboo floors in any business or home is by continuously maintaining. Always to take precautionary measures when it comes to mats, rugs and shoes to preserve the beauty of this flooring option.

  • Daily maintenance

Sweep the floor with soft cloth brooms one in the morning and the evening. For areas with higher traffics, ensure that you clean it as often as possible. Dust and dirt will bring about scratches as they are pushed from side to side by people walking through the room.

  • Avoid athletic spiked shoes and stiletto shoes

Bamboo floorings are resistant to scratches but you do need to be careful with them. Regularly using these kinds of shoes will quickly wear out this floor leaving it susceptible to dents. The frequent use of such shoes will quickly cause damage.