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How a Residential Painter in Frisco Can Pick the Right Paint Color for an Open Concept Home

Posted by on Jul 20, 2018 in Ideas, Improvements, Remodeling |

Painting an open principle space is quite a task for many a DIY residential painter in Frisco. Keeping the special nature of the roomy element of the space is the objective of Frisco painting contractors while preserving a terrific variety of color combination. The greatest obstacle can be found in the plans and portions.

How a Residential Painter in Frisco Can Pick the Right Paint Color for an Open Concept Home

Choosing the best color combinations is the primary step to getting the open space principle right. The safest wager a residential painter in Frisco can make lies in the very same color family with simply differing degrees of color tones from the light color shade, a little bit of dark and an almost dark color shade.

Another step after picking the color is picking a variety of color tones and trying them on various papers. The space’s corners must function as the shift point for different colors, and thus differing shades respectively consisted of. The accent color of the wall is finest fit for the away wall in the space. The accent wall color is also perfect for the furnishings pieces, open cabinet backs and even the backsplashes of the kitchen.

Think about these Frisco house painting tips from the very best painting company in Frisco on painting an open space:

-Attain a cohesive feel and look by just using similar paint shine on all the walls. It is recommended to look at the room from each angle prior to deciding on the color option of space, from which 2 different locations calls for a different color on each of the walls as this results in an interesting appearance and producing a sensation of depth also.

-The accent wall or the very strong colors are best for the shelving system’s backs in addition to the back splashes. Balance and visual flow are the primary effects added by the simple act of spreading out a bold color. Lighter color shades or medium shades are best fit for the walls surrounding the entrances resulting in the focus areas.

-Sections that are adjacent to the focal wall particularly around windows, for finest looks, the lighter color or the medium color tones works finest. A shade that will result in a standing out space is also an appealing idea.

-The most dynamic or the darkest color tones in the combination are well matched for the focal walls. Perhaps an entrance may break a long wall that occurs to be covering 2 locations. The lightest color tones come into play for such areas.

-The light or medium color shades also flourish on the walls that happen to happen on the opposite side of the area to the focal wall, making the room feel large and not like it is caving in from the sides.

-Apply the most desired color in the nearby space. For you to create a more sensation of depths, or make the entire location appearance attractive, the nearby secondary wall painted using another color. Maintain neutrality at the ceiling. The color white stick out as the best for the woodwork in addition to the trim.

Speak with an expert residential painter in Frisco for more painting ideas on your approaching painting task! The Frisco Painting Experts would be more than pleased to assist you!

Attractive Plano Painting 101: Horizontal and also Vertical Paint Strips

Posted by on Jun 19, 2018 in Ideas, Improvements, Remodeling |

Below’s a step-by-step overview on just how any kind of Plano painter can do attractive Plano painting:

Attractive Plano Painting 101 Horizontal and also Vertical Paint Strips

Let’s Paint! Step 1:
When obtaining pieces for house decors, it is sensible to opt for straight and upright strips. For the horizontal strips, the net effect is a bigger room appearing to keep in mind large. It is a straightforward mechanism to embellish a house, as well as the net result is a regarded measurements and size of a space. Thoroughly determine the tape.

Let’s Paint! Step 2
In the visibility of all the essential products needed for Plano painting and when the space remains in a clear state and also all set for painting, the undercoat made use of to painting the wall has to be the lightest amongst both colors selected for the job. A professional Plano painting contractor typically lets it dry for a duration of 4 hours or establishes it to dry out the entire evening to achieve top quality and also desirable outcomes.

Let’s Paint! Step 3
Determined the drying of the basecoat prior to one decides the removing design. For the stripes, measuring the wall and also marking are the first steps of the process. The last seen corner serves as the starting factor of the measurement adhered to by a department of the wall. 4 and also 12 inches broad are the average sizes of the strips.

For the respective item dimensions, a 4inched size and also listed below becomes slim as well as well hectic and for a 12-inched strip, the size is related to being heavy and wide. The initial tape strip is marked or put in an unknown corner on the initial noting point.

Let’s Paint! Step 4
The wall is significant or plotted with the equivalent lines to those of the strips by using making use of a tape measure, fixing the hustle involved in making brand-new marks each time you full painting the originally marked piece.

For similar strip measurements, the general dimensions of the wall surface taken as well as then divided by the number or one more option would be to take the wall surfaces dimension as well as separated by a picked weird number in order to help get the strip size desired.

Let’s Paint! Step 5
Entails the production of a rundown. The procedure includes the use of a straight side or level in developing the draft. The risk-free release tape or the reduced tack tape uses fantastic results.

When using a chalk line for markings, the blue colored chalk is the most effective option as the as the yellow, or red shades occur to be permanent.

For an incomplete outcome in the dimension of stripes, the tiny distinctions in the marks are likely undetectable to many individuals, based upon the compound nature of the starting factor at the corner. For even more exact as well as accurate results of the strips, a change of the strip is essential to widths of the last wall surface. A distinction of about one quarter to a fifty percent inch is not conveniently obvious to the naked eye.

For more details concerning your painting alternatives, call the most effective Plano painting contractors, the Plano Painting Experts!

5 Home Renovation Tips to Help You Stay within your Budget

Posted by on Jul 4, 2017 in Ideas, Improvements, Remodeling |

A lot of homeowners spend more than they should when remodeling their homes. And if you don’t keep an eye on this important home renovation project aspect, you too might end up spending more than you should, and things could get out of hand.

Home Renovation TipsHere are five tips that will help you remodel without going beyond your budget.

  1. DIY (do-it-yourself)

If you think DIYs are always cheaper than getting professionals, you’re wrong. DIYs look easy but not for amateurs. If you lack expertise, you might end up paying more for your materials and having it redone.

Technically, DIYs are free, but if your DIY consists of heavy labor such as moving walls or lifting appliances, then you might need to hire contractors and schedule their work time. A good contractor is someone who will give you a reasonable price and schedule in a way that won’t waste your time and money. Lastly, a good contractor will always get it right on the first try. Hiring contractors, though, is only necessary for medium to heavy duty tasks.

Remember to only DIY if you think you know what to do and if you can correctly do the project on the first try. It might cost you more to te-do the project than hiring a professional.

  1. Hire experts

If ever you conclude that hiring someone to do the job for you will be better, make sure to get the right people. A way for you to find who the right contractor is, would be to ask at least three contractors for quotations and the services they offer at those prices. A red flag would be a very expensive quote which is a signal for a low quality of construction and materials. When you have chosen your contractor, make sure that even the smallest detail is in the quote.

  1. Detailed systematic instructions

When estimating the total expenses in your remodeling plan, consider whether it’s big or small. Don’t just focus on the prices of the materials but also the services when getting them like shipping fees, materials you need to buy to clean up the mess after remodeling, sales tax, etc. If you’re going to hire contractors since the improvement will need more hands, consider more expenses such as labor fee, permit cost, sewer and tap fees, and much more.

  1. Pay attention to the most relevant materials

Before you estimate the cost for each item that you’ll need, consider the things that are the most important in the project first. The more relevant the material is, the bigger budget you should put into it. There are also ways to give more budget to the material you need the most while staying in the budget. For example, your remodeling plan is about increasing the storage space in your kitchen, choose stock cabinets over custom-made ones. There is a big difference in price.

  1. Plan for unexpected expenses and decisions

If your remodeling includes renovation, expect to shed more money on your project and make sudden decisions. You might want to assume to be in a situation where you’ve already made your budget plans, but the tile included in your budget is unavailable. Thus, giving you your second choice which might be more expensive. Make sure to be a level ahead if you find yourself in a similar situation to avoid deciding something you’ll regret in the future.

Cost-Effective Home Renovating Ideas

Posted by on Jun 7, 2017 in Ideas, Remodeling |

The renovation of homes is a regular project that should be conducted from time to time. Home improvement is however not easy for many people because of the enormous costs incurred regarding labor and any extra material. It is for this reason that I opt to pass on a few cost-effective ideas for you to use. Consider using any of the tips highlighted below and discover the enormously untapped space in your home.

Home Renovating Ideas

A small kitchen

One of the main challenges that is experienced by many households is a kitchen that has little space. In the olden days, the kitchen was not a point of concern for many families. However, this has been changing in the last few years as many designers begin to put emphasis on it.

If you have a small kitchen space, there is no need to worry as you will be adding up space in no time. At a fair cost of only $5,000 to $8,000, your kitchen will turn out to be bigger and brand new. Start by getting rid of any walls that exist between your kitchen and the dining room area.

Another solution to this is to add small additions. To leave your dining room as it is, hang a small kitchen addition to the side of the house instead of allowing it sit on top of the foundation of the house. At a cost of only $10,000 to $50,000 per 2 by 10-foot bump out, you can give your kitchen a  bigger and more spacious feel.

No playing space for your kids

Children love playing in the house. However, if there is not enough space, it is more likely the kids would get bored of hanging around the house.  The good news is that you are only a step away to making your dreams of a bigger playing area come true.

There is too much space in the basement that can be potentially tapped to bring out the space that is required. You will only need an average of $30,000 to refurb

ish completely and finish your basement, inclusive of putting up ceilings and walls, adding insulations, installing flooring, connecting cooling and heating systems as well as electricity and lighting.

A dull master suite

Modern day designs offer to provide master suites with enormous space that would allow you to walk freely through the room, quickly access your closets and enjoy your time while in the bathroom. Such bathrooms often include extra sinks and separate tub and shower. However, this is not always available to everyone who owns a home.

You can take your kid’s bedroom whenever they go off to college to help you in increasing space for yourself.

Shortage of bedroom space

Families who are continuously growing have one major challenge. These families often have a lack of bedrooms prompting guests or anyone to sleep on the couch or living room area. It is for this reason that many people prefer moving into homes which have much bigger bedrooms. Such smaller bedrooms are often expensive to expand and renovate even though there are no complicated finishing such as plumbing and tiling.

This problem, however, can be tackled by stealing some space from your attic. Consider this as the cheapest and most efficient method because you would be acquiring space from an area which is already available in your home.

At an average cost of $50,000, you would be able to renovate completely and connect your attic to your bedroom for a much bigger space.

Tips for Maintaining Home Exterior Paint

Posted by on May 4, 2017 in Ideas, Materials |

Whether you hired a painting contractor or undertook the job on your own, painting your home’s exterior can be a significant investment of your time and money. Now that the job is finished, you’ll want to lengthen the longevity of the paint as much as possible, so follow the tips below to maintain your new paint job.

Home Exterior PaintThree-coat system. Problem areas could develop due to exposure to the elements. It’s no surprise that your paint can start to peel after years of vulnerability to sun, rain, wind, and snow. It will be a good idea to put double finish coats if you have problem areas, such as peeling fascia boards or window seals on the exterior of your home. Begin with high-quality primer paint, and then follow with double coats of finish paint, hence a three-coat system. The added protection will help problem areas withstand the abuse doled out by Mother Nature.

The frequency of maintenance. External paint maintenance depends on the siding or the material used in your home. Paint on stucco lasts more than it does on the wood trim so if you have used wood siding in your home, expect to recoat more often than your neighbors who utilized stucco. Surroundings also play a vital role in the lifespan of your paint job. In milder climates, homeowners will experience more durable paint jobs than those who live in tougher climates, but in general, you should expect to recoat every six to ten years.

Pressure washing. You may notice a minor accumulation of dirt and grime on your home’s paint job after some time. Though, by pressure washing your home, this can easily be solved. It is highly recommended to pressure wash the exterior paint five years after the previous job, mainly if mildew is evident. It helps to melt atmospheric salts that build up on surfaces that the humidity or rain don’t reach. These salts can affect the adhesion of new paint. If you don’t have a pressure washer, making use of a garden hose to rinse under overhangs and porches once a year is also advantageous to your home.

Chalking paint. Over time, cheap paint breaks down faster and turns chalky, which can stimulate peeling off quickly when the surface is touched. You may need to repaint your house depending on the severity of your chalking paint. Start the repainting process by pressure stripping or hand-washing the chalky areas. Then apply a primer that is intended for chalky surfaces, and follow with a high-quality finish coat to prevent future chalking.

Dealing with mold and mildew. The growth of mold and mildew is one dilemma homeowners must deal with when trying to safeguard their exterior paint job. To prevent this problem, buy paint intended for preventing mold and mildew from advancing on any surfaces.

Preventing rot. Paint offers more than just color to the surface of your home; it helps prevent weathering and rotting of your surfaces. When painting your home or working with a contractor, be sure to coat the undersides of corner boards thoroughly. If you miss a spot or fail to paint the bottom of it, it will absorb water and cause the board to rot. Also double-check the backs, bottoms, and tops of wood shutters to make sure they are completely painted.

When properly cared for, a quality paint job will bring new life to your interior and exterior and can last for years. By doing these tips, you can keep your paint job looking fresh all through the lifetime of your investment and you will relish the look and feel of your home for years to come.

Why Vinyl Tile Flooring May Be Toxic to Your Health

Posted by on Apr 11, 2017 in Materials |

Although vinyl tiles are attractive and economical, some study claimed that it contains harmful chemicals which impose a high risk to our health. Some reports say the banning of vinyl floors for children’s products was due to a study which indicated that it tested for toxic phthalates. The samples tested were from major retailers.  58% of the samples tested positive for phthalates, which exists in flooring levels exceeding U.S Consumer Safety Commissions. The study went ahead to assess whether these major retailers had put in place measures to eliminate phthalates. The result stated that one of the major home improvement store companies are far ahead of competition from its counterparts, in such that they require their suppliers also to do away with ortho-phthalates for all new vinyl flooring.

Vinyl Tile FlooringOngoing research by the Ecology Centre indicates that 65 substances of the flooring system have been associated with liver toxicity, learning disabilities, asthma, reproductive problems, birth defects and even cancer. The samples were obtained from 5 different retailers in seven different states.

Highlights of findings of the study.

  1. One or more hazardous chemicals exist in 58 % of the vinyl tiles. They contained phthalate plasticizer which currently debated on whether or not its prohibition is imperative in the European Union. A further 98% of the vinyl tiles contained organic tin-based stabilizers and another 50% also contained many plasticizers.
  2. Due to Home Depots’ commitment to eliminating phthalates, a more comprehensive policy was implemented compared to those of the competitors. By the 1st quarter of 2015, Home Depot had already accomplished a phase out of 85%. Most of the other retailers did not have any well-established plan of eliminating the phthalates.
  3. Some brands, manufacturers and retailers proved to be better than others. Some of the big-name brands have yet to test any tiles yet for hazardous chemicals. Ace Hardware and Lumber Liquidators obtained samples that both contain high percentages of Phthalates.
  4. There are healthier alternatives for flooring. Ceramic tiles, Bio-based data, and linoleum are some of the healthier flooring options. Apparently, these options exist in the same retailer shops that are committed to selling the Vinyl tiles.

The study tested for the chemicals in the vinyl tiles based on their toxicity. The method included a use of non-destructive methods giving room for rapid analysis. This a great leap in global efforts in the elimination of phthalates in the commercial sector for safer alternatives.

Evidence that phthalate pose harmful effects to human health is available and is based purely on studies. The immune system, brain development, and the male reproductive organs are some of the major areas affected by the chemical compound. Asthma is also associated with it. The phthalates can reach the human system simply by getting into the air and dust particles and then eventually finding its way into our bodies.  CDC reports that about 90% of American citizens have phthalates in their bodies. This has greatly contributed to the expanding ban on phthalates within the United States. Some states have since required disclosures for several phthalates in the consumer products.  Toxic hazards, through recycled vinyl, is being introduced into our homes offices and schools by its use as a flooring option. Some PVC products like cadmium, lead and phthalates are also turning up in an array of new products through the recycled content.

So, before you select vinyl tile flooring, consider the above and perhaps, finding a healthier alternative would be more beneficial.