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Posted by on Jun 7, 2017 in Ideas, Remodeling |

Cost-Effective Home Renovating Ideas

The renovation of homes is a regular project that should be conducted from time to time. Home improvement is however not easy for many people because of the enormous costs incurred regarding labor and any extra material. It is for this reason that I opt to pass on a few cost-effective ideas for you to use. Consider using any of the tips highlighted below and discover the enormously untapped space in your home.

Home Renovating Ideas

A small kitchen

One of the main challenges that is experienced by many households is a kitchen that has little space. In the olden days, the kitchen was not a point of concern for many families. However, this has been changing in the last few years as many designers begin to put emphasis on it.

If you have a small kitchen space, there is no need to worry as you will be adding up space in no time. At a fair cost of only $5,000 to $8,000, your kitchen will turn out to be bigger and brand new. Start by getting rid of any walls that exist between your kitchen and the dining room area.

Another solution to this is to add small additions. To leave your dining room as it is, hang a small kitchen addition to the side of the house instead of allowing it sit on top of the foundation of the house. At a cost of only $10,000 to $50,000 per 2 by 10-foot bump out, you can give your kitchen a  bigger and more spacious feel.

No playing space for your kids

Children love playing in the house. However, if there is not enough space, it is more likely the kids would get bored of hanging around the house.  The good news is that you are only a step away to making your dreams of a bigger playing area come true.

There is too much space in the basement that can be potentially tapped to bring out the space that is required. You will only need an average of $30,000 to refurb

ish completely and finish your basement, inclusive of putting up ceilings and walls, adding insulations, installing flooring, connecting cooling and heating systems as well as electricity and lighting.

A dull master suite

Modern day designs offer to provide master suites with enormous space that would allow you to walk freely through the room, quickly access your closets and enjoy your time while in the bathroom. Such bathrooms often include extra sinks and separate tub and shower. However, this is not always available to everyone who owns a home.

You can take your kid’s bedroom whenever they go off to college to help you in increasing space for yourself.

Shortage of bedroom space

Families who are continuously growing have one major challenge. These families often have a lack of bedrooms prompting guests or anyone to sleep on the couch or living room area. It is for this reason that many people prefer moving into homes which have much bigger bedrooms. Such smaller bedrooms are often expensive to expand and renovate even though there are no complicated finishing such as plumbing and tiling.

This problem, however, can be tackled by stealing some space from your attic. Consider this as the cheapest and most efficient method because you would be acquiring space from an area which is already available in your home.

At an average cost of $50,000, you would be able to renovate completely and connect your attic to your bedroom for a much bigger space.

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Posted by on Mar 13, 2017 in Ideas, Remodeling |

Storage Solution Remodeling Ideas for Untended Space in Homes

Are you utilizing every space in your home? If you wish to have more room to store stuff, or you are trying to organize the space you have, the first step is to check for unused areas in your home. Perhaps, there are untended areas which you can use to resolve your problems with storage.

Remodeling Ideas for Untended Space in HomesHere are five remodeling ideas that will surely help you manage clutter or conceal unused items, at the same time, utilizing commonly neglected space in your home. From building under stair storage with built-in wardrobe to turning your plain looking walls into an impressive wine storage wall, we’ll give you great remodeling ideas to maximize space and make your home more functional.

Under Stair Storage

Make your staircase more useful by adding drawers and wardrobe underneath. The under-stair storage has a built-in closet and drawers accessible from the space in the lower part of the room. Each storage component cleverly fits within the run of the stairway. I
If your staircase is just too ordinary, then turn it into this great solution for organizing shoes strewn across the hallway. These storage components are just the ticket while the staircase is an attractive addition to the design of your home.

Cabinetry Under the Bed

The space under the bed is what’s usually not utilized in almost every home. But before you add more cabinets under your bed, consider what those items you need to store before making any decision on the cabinetry layout. Is it going to be narrow or wider drawers? How wide should the drawers be to be able to store sweaters, comforters, etc. or how small should the drawers be if you intend to use it for your undergarments, ties, etc. Your answer here then would determine the quantity and the size of your cabinetry and the better you can do a layout.

Rear Entry With Built-In Storage

Another often neglected space is the rear entry, and it’s just perfect for storing boxes thereby retrieving items much easier. It can be summer gear together or holiday boxes together, etc. Clearly mark each box. If the rear entry is spacious enough to have a spacious storage, consider creating a list that shows what is in each box.

Workstation at the hall located off the kitchen

If you’re out of space for a workstation, a better spot is the hallway situated off the kitchen. In this corridor, a small workspace is placed beside a hallway cabinet around the corner from the kitchen, providing a useful workspace and storage above. Cost: The cost of putting a hallway workstation is like that for custom bookshelves, i.e., ranging between $1,200 to $4,000 and above, depending on local rates, materials, and how big your hall is.

Walls as Wine Storage

Instead of just hanging dull paintings, turn your kitchen, basement, or living room wall into wine storage. And if the room is quite narrow, then try storing the wine bottles sideways.
Likewise, maximize space by using the wall in its entirety. Hence, enabling you to store as many bottles as possible, and create a fantastic décor in the process.

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Things Homeowners Should Know Before Remodeling the Basement

Traditionally, basements only serve one purpose to your home, and that is for the storage of off-seasoned junk and probably a truckload of dust. It may not be the most attractive part, but come to think of it, the space occupied by the lowest floor of your abode might just be the best place for flexible ideas to perk up the atmosphere in your home! To effectively get the most of this underused space, you would need to remodel the entire area and learn a few important things before attempting to do so. Here are the helpful tips that you should know.

  1. Remodeling the BasementPlan ahead.

Planning is an essential step in anything. You wouldn’t want to throw a lot of money in your basement just because you wanted to put it to better use. Take your time in contemplating whether you want your basement turned into a mini-bar or a comfortable movie den. Carefully go over the pros and cons of your desired future use of the room.

Consider the flexibility of your choice for the room and more importantly, evaluate how much is the cost for the entire renovation.

  1. Make it comfortable.

If you only want to remodel your basement for display, skip this tip. But if you plan to spend a whole lot of time in the room, there are plenty of ways on how to make the area as comfortable as possible. There’s nothing more satisfying than feeling a sense of belonging. You can achieve this by doing the finished project to match the overall appearance of your house. Now this is one way.

Another tip is to make the room appear warm and inviting. To do this, you may have to purchase a great-looking carpet to install on the floors, or you may need to create an open staircase which allows you to see the upper part of the house and the natural light to peek in this section of the house.

  1. Mind the space.

It isn’t nice to be in a room that feels too crowded. To avoid this, you might be able to use places in the adjacent room/s to add more space to your basement. You can also opt for installing built-in shelves and storage keepers through the walls and maybe through the floors. Sometimes, you can also install these shelves in furniture like in the sofa set. Extensive built-in additions are not necessary, as this can be very expensive and can make the room appear crowded. A cheap and straightforward built-in that is attractive is enough.

  1. Consider the large furniture.

If you’re not planning to install stair fences, then you don’t have to worry about putting in huge-sized furniture. On the other hand, you may want to keep the railings down until all the furniture is safe inside the room.

  1. Provide a haven for your lungs.

Since it was once a basement, dust and molds can be a threat to your respiratory system. For this, you can put on an air purification system which can filter the air that circulates the room and get rid of the molds, allergens, bacteria and viruses and other airborne pathogens. Plus, you can have a pleasant-smelling area where you can spend the whole day.

  1. Go green!

Do not just go throwing things that you do not want in your new project. Instead of contributing to the ever-growing litter in the world, why not try to make money out of them by selling them over to recycling stores?

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Improving the quality of life is a desire that all humans share, and this tendency is one of the basic survival instincts. Even though safety is no longer the primary element of those improvements, we all want to live in pleasant and functional spaces, and that is why renovations and remodeling are often necessary. Materials that are used in construction have expiry dates, the appliances get broken, certain designs and methods simply become outdated and not practical, so we are “forced” to take action and make changes in our living conditions. However, the task of renovating a home is not as easy as it may seem, and a lot of elements can play a role in this process.


floorplan04_smallcomp_colorcoded02First of all, it is important to make clear plans about the future actions and activities, and this step is crucial in having a successful remodeling job. By putting everything on paper, flaws and mistakes can be spotted in time, and the corrections can be painless. This can save time and money, so it is always good to go through every little detail and inspect everything before you decide to take action and start the actual work. Hiring an architect or a designer may not be necessary in all cases, but professional assistance can be of great help in certain situations so you should have in mind that experienced and skilled professionals can have more knowledge than you.

ContractorOnce you create the plan and have clear ideas of what are you going to do with the house, it is time to take concrete actions, and this usually means that you have to find a contractor and that you have to order everything that you want to have installed in the house. Hiring a contractor or a team of workers to do the renovation is a logical and reasonable step, but some minor remodeling jobs can be finished in a do-it-yourself manner. However, proper tools are required for this, and a lot of safety measures need to be incorporated into this activity.

9784577-young-couple-renovating-their-new-houseIf you do the demolition on your own, or if you have enough knowledge to replace certain items or appliances, your overall costs will be significantly lower, and this is something we all want in the end. Budget is a limiting factor for most of us, and we all need to plan and adjust in agreement with our financial situation. A lot of creative ideas can be incorporated into the renovation so your costs will not be sky high, but it is also important to buy materials and items that have enough quality to serve as a long-term solution, even if they are a bit more expensive at the moment. In the long run, high-quality products will return the investment and the costs will be lower if you avoid another renovation in just a few months or years. Remodeling is a serious process, and it takes a lot of preparation, so it is advisable to take the time to plan it properly and have everything “covered”.

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