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Posted by on Sep 22, 2018 in Ideas, Improvements, Materials, Remodeling |

Epoxy Paint Your Walls: A McKinney Painting Contractor Guide

Epoxy wall paint renders far better efficiency when you painting wall surfaces with lower as well as greater areas. It is a hard-wearing and challenging water-based paint which can be repainted on practically any type of surface area, from ceilings to walls and to stairs as well as floors. Epoxy paint is likewise very impervious to grazing as well as damaging, meaning that it won’t be damaged by the overall wear-and-tear of daily life. Making use of a paint such as this to any type of surface is commonly best completed by a specialist, as it can at times bubble and run. Yet it is inexpensive, typically fume-less, and also not likely to flake, so if you assume that you can give this job a go, then it is something that is well worth doing on your own. If you have some basic residence improvement abilities, undertaking this task doesn’t require the aid of a professional McKinney painting contractor. All a McKinney painting contractor has got to do is to adhere to a few standard operating procedures to obtain the work done conveniently and promptly.

Epoxy Paint Your Walls A McKinney Painting Contractor Guide

Painting Checklist Item 1: Be certain that the Surface is Clean
The primary step is to make sure that the surface area that you will certainly be applying the epoxy to is clean. Clean it by rubbing with a paper towel partly taken in fluid hand soap. Once tidy, a McKinney painter should dry out the surface area off utilizing a dishcloth. Be very certain that the wall surface is completely dry as any moisture will certainly affect the efficiency of the epoxy paint.

Painting Checklist Item 2: Add the Epoxy
Start using the epoxy paint to the surface area. Stir the materials of the could extensively in the past make use of to obtain the most effective from your paint as this will aid to blend the ingredients well, preventing bubbling. Making sure not to leave parts of the brush behind or air pockets in the paint, apply the paint in wide, consistent strokes. Since this will make sure that the components hold together while you are applying the paint, mix the remaining paint in the container from time to time.

Painting Checklist Item 3: Leave to Fully Dry
After paint application is finished, you will certainly need to allow the paint dry entirely for several hrs for you to determine whether it will call for an additional finish. You will certainly need to see to it that nobody touches the surface area while the paint is drying. If you opt to do a dual layer, in order to accomplish a complete layer of the area, you will certainly have to be particular that the surface is totally completely dry prior to applying one more coat of Epoxy paint. Leave a minimum of 24 hrs to assure extensive dry surface.

Painting Checklist Item 4: Finishing
Before you complete the work, you will have to use a layer of varnish to the surface area. This will certainly aid offer even more radiance on the coating of the epoxy paint, as well as provide the wall surface a great seal. Once again, you will certainly have to hold your fire until the location is completely dry before putting on the varnish. You may make use of a spray application to earn certain that the walls are covered in a consistent coat.

McKinney painting tasks are undoubtedly tough to do by a single person. That is why the most effective McKinney painting contractors, the McKinney Painting Experts prepare to assist you with your following project! Call us today to recognize even more regarding our painting concepts!

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Posted by on May 4, 2017 in Ideas, Materials |

Tips for Maintaining Home Exterior Paint

Whether you hired a painting contractor or undertook the job on your own, painting your home’s exterior can be a significant investment of your time and money. Now that the job is finished, you’ll want to lengthen the longevity of the paint as much as possible, so follow the tips below to maintain your new paint job.

Home Exterior PaintThree-coat system. Problem areas could develop due to exposure to the elements. It’s no surprise that your paint can start to peel after years of vulnerability to sun, rain, wind, and snow. It will be a good idea to put double finish coats if you have problem areas, such as peeling fascia boards or window seals on the exterior of your home. Begin with high-quality primer paint, and then follow with double coats of finish paint, hence a three-coat system. The added protection will help problem areas withstand the abuse doled out by Mother Nature.

The frequency of maintenance. External paint maintenance depends on the siding or the material used in your home. Paint on stucco lasts more than it does on the wood trim so if you have used wood siding in your home, expect to recoat more often than your neighbors who utilized stucco. Surroundings also play a vital role in the lifespan of your paint job. In milder climates, homeowners will experience more durable paint jobs than those who live in tougher climates, but in general, you should expect to recoat every six to ten years.

Pressure washing. You may notice a minor accumulation of dirt and grime on your home’s paint job after some time. Though, by pressure washing your home, this can easily be solved. It is highly recommended to pressure wash the exterior paint five years after the previous job, mainly if mildew is evident. It helps to melt atmospheric salts that build up on surfaces that the humidity or rain don’t reach. These salts can affect the adhesion of new paint. If you don’t have a pressure washer, making use of a garden hose to rinse under overhangs and porches once a year is also advantageous to your home.

Chalking paint. Over time, cheap paint breaks down faster and turns chalky, which can stimulate peeling off quickly when the surface is touched. You may need to repaint your house depending on the severity of your chalking paint. Start the repainting process by pressure stripping or hand-washing the chalky areas. Then apply a primer that is intended for chalky surfaces, and follow with a high-quality finish coat to prevent future chalking.

Dealing with mold and mildew. The growth of mold and mildew is one dilemma homeowners must deal with when trying to safeguard their exterior paint job. To prevent this problem, buy paint intended for preventing mold and mildew from advancing on any surfaces.

Preventing rot. Paint offers more than just color to the surface of your home; it helps prevent weathering and rotting of your surfaces. When painting your home or working with a contractor, be sure to coat the undersides of corner boards thoroughly. If you miss a spot or fail to paint the bottom of it, it will absorb water and cause the board to rot. Also double-check the backs, bottoms, and tops of wood shutters to make sure they are completely painted.

When properly cared for, a quality paint job will bring new life to your interior and exterior and can last for years. By doing these tips, you can keep your paint job looking fresh all through the lifetime of your investment and you will relish the look and feel of your home for years to come.

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Posted by on Apr 11, 2017 in Materials |

Why Vinyl Tile Flooring May Be Toxic to Your Health

Although vinyl tiles are attractive and economical, some study claimed that it contains harmful chemicals which impose a high risk to our health. Some reports say the banning of vinyl floors for children’s products was due to a study which indicated that it tested for toxic phthalates. The samples tested were from major retailers.  58% of the samples tested positive for phthalates, which exists in flooring levels exceeding U.S Consumer Safety Commissions. The study went ahead to assess whether these major retailers had put in place measures to eliminate phthalates. The result stated that one of the major home improvement store companies are far ahead of competition from its counterparts, in such that they require their suppliers also to do away with ortho-phthalates for all new vinyl flooring.

Vinyl Tile FlooringOngoing research by the Ecology Centre indicates that 65 substances of the flooring system have been associated with liver toxicity, learning disabilities, asthma, reproductive problems, birth defects and even cancer. The samples were obtained from 5 different retailers in seven different states.

Highlights of findings of the study.

  1. One or more hazardous chemicals exist in 58 % of the vinyl tiles. They contained phthalate plasticizer which currently debated on whether or not its prohibition is imperative in the European Union. A further 98% of the vinyl tiles contained organic tin-based stabilizers and another 50% also contained many plasticizers.
  2. Due to Home Depots’ commitment to eliminating phthalates, a more comprehensive policy was implemented compared to those of the competitors. By the 1st quarter of 2015, Home Depot had already accomplished a phase out of 85%. Most of the other retailers did not have any well-established plan of eliminating the phthalates.
  3. Some brands, manufacturers and retailers proved to be better than others. Some of the big-name brands have yet to test any tiles yet for hazardous chemicals. Ace Hardware and Lumber Liquidators obtained samples that both contain high percentages of Phthalates.
  4. There are healthier alternatives for flooring. Ceramic tiles, Bio-based data, and linoleum are some of the healthier flooring options. Apparently, these options exist in the same retailer shops that are committed to selling the Vinyl tiles.

The study tested for the chemicals in the vinyl tiles based on their toxicity. The method included a use of non-destructive methods giving room for rapid analysis. This a great leap in global efforts in the elimination of phthalates in the commercial sector for safer alternatives.

Evidence that phthalate pose harmful effects to human health is available and is based purely on studies. The immune system, brain development, and the male reproductive organs are some of the major areas affected by the chemical compound. Asthma is also associated with it. The phthalates can reach the human system simply by getting into the air and dust particles and then eventually finding its way into our bodies.  CDC reports that about 90% of American citizens have phthalates in their bodies. This has greatly contributed to the expanding ban on phthalates within the United States. Some states have since required disclosures for several phthalates in the consumer products.  Toxic hazards, through recycled vinyl, is being introduced into our homes offices and schools by its use as a flooring option. Some PVC products like cadmium, lead and phthalates are also turning up in an array of new products through the recycled content.

So, before you select vinyl tile flooring, consider the above and perhaps, finding a healthier alternative would be more beneficial.

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Posted by on Jan 8, 2017 in Ideas, Materials |

Tips for Cleaning and Proper Caring Of Bamboo Floors

After the process of installing bamboo floors, it is arguably necessary to ensure that the floors are well cared for and maintained. Many people often look for aesthetics, durability and strength when choosing the best flooring tiles for your home. Bamboo flooring, in this case, meets all these standards. One of the steps to ensuring you maximize on this is by getting to understand how to clean properly and maintain these floors even before you begin the installation process.

Cleaning and Proper Caring Of Bamboo FloorsKeeping bamboo floors tidy

It is equally easy to clean the bamboo flooring option just like any other. Even so, some key points are different and should be taken into consideration.

Mats and Shoes

To minimize on issues with dust, dirt and any other items on the floor that could be deemed harmful, always restrict the use of shoes while in the house. You can remind everyone to wipe off their feet by placing mats on doorways.

High traffic areas

Even though bamboo floorings are designed for areas with high traffic whether home or business, it is recommended that you use mats and rugs at doorways to avoid earlier signs of wear and tear on the surface. Remember to clean these carpets and rugs on a regular basis to eliminate debris and dust.

Maintaining a bamboo flooring

This task appears to be more challenging and involving than it is. Just by changing a few regular routines, you would be able to master the process to become second in nature.

Moisture and dust free floor

Dirt and dust can easily scratch the bamboo flooring option. Hence, always keep the floor clean at all times by keeping it swept. Use a pad or soft cloth to wipe away the dirt and dust rather than pushing it to the sides.

You can at one point or the other use a damp mop in cleaning a bamboo floor.  This is completely acceptable. Bamboo floors cannot hold larger amounts of moisture, ensure that the rag you are using is not entirely wet.

Always be ready to wipe off any spill as soon as it occurs. Timely wiping would ensure that moisture does not seep into the bamboo flooring. Scrubbers and steel wools are abrasive tools that cannot be used for cleaning this flooring option. In the event of any oil spills, it is urgent that you wipe it off to prevent it from leaving stains on the floor. Immediately After wiping it off, ensure you dry the floor.

Bamboo floor cleaning products.

Avoid harsh commercial cleaning agents and chemical products as they can be dangerous to your bamboo flooring.

Healthy bamboo flooring tips.

To minimize the time you would average spending on cleaning these floors, here are some tips to help you in preventing damage when cleaning the floor.

  • Clean bamboo floors on a weekly basis.

It’s the easiest way to ensuring that your bamboo flooring remains healthy at all times. Many other routine maintenance tasks should be performed daily, for one reason or the other to maintain the floor at optimum.

Aside from sweeping, which is considered to the best and most effective method of cleaning, you can also mop lightly from time to time. By allowing water to seep into the bamboo flooring, you would be subjecting your floor to extensive damage.

In the event sticky spills get to it, try and wipe off as much as possible using a dry towel or cloth. Wipe off anything that is remaining with a damp cloth ensuring that you do not scrub to avoid pushing the spill into the floor. Blot this spot numerous times for the spill to disappearing then immediately wipe off using a dry cloth. The sooner you attend to any spill, the lesser the chances of causing damage.

  • Bamboo flooring maintenance

The best way of caring for bamboo floors in any business or home is by continuously maintaining. Always to take precautionary measures when it comes to mats, rugs and shoes to preserve the beauty of this flooring option.

  • Daily maintenance

Sweep the floor with soft cloth brooms one in the morning and the evening. For areas with higher traffics, ensure that you clean it as often as possible. Dust and dirt will bring about scratches as they are pushed from side to side by people walking through the room.

  • Avoid athletic spiked shoes and stiletto shoes

Bamboo floorings are resistant to scratches but you do need to be careful with them. Regularly using these kinds of shoes will quickly wear out this floor leaving it susceptible to dents. The frequent use of such shoes will quickly cause damage.

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